Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the best tool to attract consumers with your products or services. It does not have any limits on screen and you will be able to incorporate as much details as you need to achieve your desired presentation.

Why use Digital Advertising?

Technology is constantly evolving, and with the use of digital advertising, you will be able to experience the advancement of technology on a larger scale. Save money by eliminating the use of printed promotions and obtain new clients with digital advertisements instead. Your product or service will not need another publicity because the images will speak for itself.
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Technological innovations are now widely used in academic institutions. The iQiosk allows you to share information with students as we have incorporated printers, readers, microphones, and keyboards to make the search more interactive. Students will have access to it 24 hours a day, and they may use it to be updated with news, schedules regarding classes, events in and out of the college, or be active with videos, games and slideshows.
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Modernize your restaurant by letting your customers order for themselves. The digital menu board is the new, innovative, and captivating way to present your products to users and to make them aware of what more you can offer.
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Trade Show

The iQiosk is one of the most popular tool on trade shows because it offers all the information you need about the event such as, the products, service information, tools, price, and client support. It enables clients to interact using games, videos, and photos that are available for more details. With the new dynamic tools, your clients would want to learn more.
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Hotels are now incorporating digital solutions to further improve the way they serve their guests. The digital menu board provides guests with the necessary information regarding rooms, travels, promotions, and vacation packages. Increase customer satisfaction and enhance commercial establishments by using innovative tools.
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Retail Stores

The retail industry requires the most innovative technology in order to stand out. With the iQiosk, you can show your products in high resolution, apply animations, share videos, and include promotions. Provide your customers with a new and exciting experience by letting them interact in your own store.
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