E Poster KIOSK

Smartek Systems offers E-poster kiosks and folding digital signage for businesses looking for branding and marketing opportunities.

These kiosks can be easily moveable, are great for grabbing the attention of potential customers in high-traffic areas, and deliver customized messaging to their audience.

The E-poster kiosk and folding digital signage provide your brand with custom audio, video, graphics or images in a portable lightweight solution. Due to its compact design, it can be used to provide marketing material in retail stores, trade shows/conventions, shopping malls, and more.




The display advertisements offer easy-to-use plug-in-play features that are replaceable through the use of a USB. It can provide up to 7 hours of nonstop work support that is very easy to operate.

Digital Signage is becoming a key facet of on-site marketing mainly due to its ability to grab the attention of customers and its ability to provide customized messaging. They are great at reaching and engaging potential new customers or even return customers.

Our Eposter is a one time investment that provides lifetime benefits to support your branding and commercial displays and is the best replacement for roll up banners. It is durable, foldable, easy to set up with an adjustable angle and easy to move around. The display advertisements are easily replaceable through the use of a USB that provides 7 hours of nonstop work support and is very easy to operate - just plug in and play.

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