Self Payment Kiosks Canada

Interactive Floor Standing

Self-payment kiosks act as their own POS system where customers can order and make payments. This allows for a complete contactless service where customers can enjoy making purchases without having to wait and with no delay.

Interactive floor-standing self-payment kiosks can increase order sizes by allowing consumers to place orders themself, which helps increase the rate of speed of service while reducing customer line ups and also saving on having fewer employees.




Self Payment Kiosks Uses

Self-payment touch screen kiosks can be Indoor or outdoor (touch screen or non-touch). They are versatile and can have multiple uses and benefits beyond the self-service payment option, such as customer satisfaction surveys for example.

They can be useful practically anywhere there are clients or customers, like buildings, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, plazas, and government services.

They offer a quicker and more convenient option for customers to get information and make payments. Due to its security and privacy features, they offer customers a more satisfying experience that will help increase user experience and brand loyalty.

There are many benefits to an organization including increasing efficiency and staff productivity, increasing revenues through advertising, and reducing staffing costs.

Smartek interactive self-payment kiosks are cost efficient and the return on investment is high. They require minimal maintenance and can be controlled by staff remotely. We provide customized software to suit your organization’s unique needs.

Why Choose Smartek Systems Interactive Floor Standing Self-Payment Kiosks?

Our experts would have a far more in-depth and accurate understanding of the many interactive floor-standing self-payment kiosks that are available and which one would work best for your business needs.

Our dedicated team of experts would get to know your business, gather details and then provide recommendations on which type of Interactive floor-standing self-payment kiosk would be a good fit.

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