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Being up to date with technology is crucial. Make an impression on your audience by giving them a modern and an interactive experience that will change the way you deliver your business.


Led Video Wall

If you really want to capture the interests of your customers, the video wall has a wide range of uses that you can benefit from. It will allow you to deliver your information the way you imagined it to be.


Digital Car Top

SMARTEK MEDIA will be lighting up city streets with Dynamic advertising on top of vehicles. Engaging digital ads that move across the city where your audience lives, works and plays.

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Kiosks FAQ

Is the Kiosk available on Android?

Yes, the kiosk is available in Android/Windows/Linux operating system or media player, we can customize them according to your specs and requirements.

Can I use ONE kiosk for ALL locations?

The standalone kiosk is portable, and they come with wheels and travel case to move around, they are plugin play.

Can I manage MULTIPLE kiosks for ONE location?

Yes, multiple kiosks could be managed from one location remotely, they could be updated through our software and you would be able to schedule content remotely.

Does your kiosk support face recognition

Yes, the kiosks could be programmed to support face recognition, we can customize the hardware according to your needs.

What are the Benefits of digital kiosks?

There are many benefits of adding SMARTEK digital kiosks:

  1. Improve customer buying experience
  2. Reduce cost of business and save on labor, Kiosks also remove the intermediary (cashier) from the ordering process, freeing those employees up to greet customers, help them navigate the technology or pitch in on cooking during high-volume times
  3. Increase your sales
  4. Capture data
  5. Surveys/feedback
  6. Display your promotions on the screen
  7. Save on printing
  8. Touch Screen Kiosks Improve Business Efficiency
  9. Digital Touch Screen Kiosks Offer Fast Investment Return
  10. Interactive Kiosks Bolster Employee Satisfaction

What does the kiosks used for?

Our digital Kiosks are used for any industry, such as Retail stores, Restaurants, Shopping malls, Buildings, Gyms, Hospitals, Colleges, Schools and Universities, Trade shows, Offices, Real Estates, Bus and Train Stations, Government Offices Etc.

Kiosk Manufacturers

Digital Signage is Growing

Companies that have implemented digital media are experiencing a positive effect by being able to promote their products and services and enhance their customers and visitors experience.

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