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Our line of interactive digital touchscreen kiosks are made for 24/7 use and are perfect to help any business attract customers and to help increase a business's brand awareness. Wayfinding kiosks are great for customers that need help navigating unfamiliar terrain and are great for customer experience. Customers can get information or directions without having to wait for an employee to help assist them. For example, malls use a directional wayfinding kiosk to help customers navigate to the store of their choice and the time saved can boost customer satisfaction.

Digital interactive kiosks are a great marketing tool as well and can help influence customers buying behaviour through the use of promotional offers, discounts, etc. As a result, the digital kiosk will provide a quick return on investment with the increase in sales. Having a digital kiosk can also help businesses save money as they can decrease the size of the customer service team. Internet kiosks are displays that provide internet access to customers and are often found in airports, hotel lobbies and universities. Touch screen kiosks are often found in the retail industry used to provide answers to customers with a few touches of a finger.

Healthcare and hospitals often use digital kiosks to help patients check in and provide visitors with the information they require. The digital kiosk will act as the first point of contact and will help individuals navigate and retrieve the information they require without the help of an employee. SMARTEK offers customized kiosk solutions perfect for any organization, contact us today for more information.