Digital media exploded into our lives rapidly about two decades ago. They were born in the 1980s when the Internet and computer technology for mass use began to actively develop.

The field of outdoor advertisement is still continuing to progress. Just like other marketing segments, outdoor advertising has started to use digital technology more often.

Kisok Industry has introduced no-contact kiosks equipped with body temperature detectors, according to a press release.

The UX design is basically the experience for the user to interact with a product, service or even device. Not only does this influence the technical aspect of design, such as formatting, graphic and visual design, hardware, and software, it also generates what is being offered.

You do not have to be young and experienced in order to change the world in the computing and internet industries. But it certainly does help! This is an astonishing fact that more than half of the leading successful pioneers founded their companies before their 26th birthdays, Sony’s Akio to Face

Direct marketing is a method used by companies to reach their audience or target directly. The purpose of this type of marketing is to not get more customers, but rather, get all the information to existing customers, thus, maintaining a relationship and showing commitment through personalized ema

The digital menu board is the new, innovative, and attractive way to present products to the users. The content administration software has the versatility to adapt to the client’s requirements. The digital menu board will satisfy the consumer’s needs with the high screen resolution. Innovate da