Interactive Kiosks in Restaurants, Bars and Food Industry

Restaurant self-service kiosksJust as every other industry is booming at its peak with the help of advanced technology, the food chain industry is not at all left behind. As food is one of our primary necessities, we have focused on maximizing customer experience by incorporating some specialized tools. Interactive self-service kiosks provide maximum results in minimum time. We can all agree that food is the foundation of genuine happiness, so using a self-service interactive kiosk is the best way to ensure your customers receive their food efficiently.

How Big Are Restaurant Kiosks?

Restaurant kiosks can vary in size at different restaurants, depending upon the food court itself. Kiosks at restaurants can be a size of a computer or a simple tablet, depending on the location. Some self-service kiosks can be larger. Our self-payment kiosks are a key example of a larger POS (point of sales) system that allows customers to navigate their own sales journey. Regardless of the size, a self-ordering system is a beneficial addition to your restaurant business.

Where Can I Place a Self-Ordering Kiosk?

One of the key benefits of self-ordering kiosks is that they can be placed anywhere in a restaurant. Restaurant POS systems can be placed easily near the front doors to allow customers to immediately place their orders as they enter the business or at tables if you plan to incorporate small tablets to place or amend orders.

Why Do We Need Self-Ordering Kiosks in a Restaurant for Customer Satisfaction?

Here are some of the reasons you should implement a self-ordering kiosk in your restaurant for greater customer satisfaction:

A Restaurant Kiosk Can Increase Sales

Interactive Kiosks have always made customers happyand content, providing plenty of options that cater to their needs. This has a positive influence on sales previously unseen on manual point-of-sale systems.

Alongside this, self-order kiosks provide customers with a comfortable and efficient way of ordering with plenty of options to select catering to their needs, resulting in increased sales, offering both marketing and loyalty solutions.

Kiosks Benefit Both Customers and Employees at The Same Time

Self-ordering kiosks make the ordering process more efficient, offering a practical solution that gives employees more time to focus on other essential duties around the restaurant. With the help of an ordering and payment kiosk, employees can efficiently multi-task while kiosk software communicates orders with the kitchen, saving valuable time.

Interactive Kiosks Increase Order Accuracy

A self-ordering kiosk increases order accuracy, removing the chance of human error. Orders are digitally registered, ensuring that there's no chance of any miscommunication between servers and kitchen staff.

A restaurant kiosk system also enables customers to adjust their orders, making communication between the customer and the kitchen staff easier.

Cost Savings on Employment

As the hospitality industry adapts to new financial hardships after the pandemic, it's important to make cost savings where possible. Self-ordering kiosks reduce the number of restaurant workers needed to interact with customers while enhancing productivity and gaining profits. Not only are profits enhanced with improved satisfaction rates, but reduced spending on employee salaries and benefits allows restaurants to divert profits to business development.

Social Distancing

Post-Covid, social distancing has remained a staple in some restaurants to keep employees and customers safe. Relying on self-ordering kiosks means that restaurants can reduce server-customer interaction, giving way for more social distancing.

Using a self-ordering kiosk also increases the number of orders restaurants can process and get out to customers, reducing the backlog resulting in crowds of customers.

How Does a Self-Service Kiosk Work?

Restaurant self-service systems are simple to use no matter which type of restaurant you operate. You'll need to follow a few quick steps to get the most out of your kiosk:

Purchasing the Kiosk

Firstly, you'll need to purchase a quick service kiosk solution from a trustworthy manufacturer like Smartek. You should ensure that the manufacturer offers software that can display a restaurant's menu and a customer's order, accept payments and facilitate better customer engagement.

The Set Up

Setting up kiosk systems is simple. Smarktek provides a white-glove delivery service and on-site assistance to provide a smooth and straightforward delivery. Self-checkout kiosks will need to be installed by the restaurant owner, but Smartek is on hand to provide assistance and maintenance when necessary.

Using Self Service Kiosks

Once you've set up your self-ordering kiosks, the kiosk will be ready to serve customers, take orders and communicate with kitchen staff. A self-service kiosk will enable customers to quickly amend their orders, reducing errors that impact customer experience.

Order Received By The Kitchen

For quick-service restaurants, speed is everything, so you can rest easy knowing that after the customer places their order, this will be immediately received and prepared by kitchen staff. If customers need to make alterations quickly, they can easily revisit a self-order kiosk to amend their selection.

Food Delivery

Once the food is prepared, servers can quickly deliver this to customer tables, ensuring they're not distracted by taking new customer orders. This reduces the time food spends on shelves waiting for servers to pick it up, keeping food hot and fresh for customers.

Future of Interactive Kiosks in the Food Industry

After making such a significant impact on the food industry, the future of interactive self-ordering kiosks looks bright. We can expect most food courts and restaurants to implement digital technology like self-order kiosks to supplement employees and increase efficiency.

What Can We Expect to See From Kiosks in The Future?

We can expect to see significant advancements in self-serve kiosks and manufacturers in the next few years, especially involving customizable solutions. Restaurant owners can identify the needs and demands of their customers and communicate this with manufacturers like Smartek to adjust their software or free-standing and wall-mounted kiosks accordingly. This will ensure that customers feel taken care of, increasing brand loyalty.

Innovative Self Ordering Solutions for Restaurants & Food Industry

At Smartek, we're striving to help food and restaurant industries streamline their operation, using technology to enhance customer interaction, cut costs and increase productivity. Our indoor kiosks are the ideal self-ordering solutions for any business looking to step into the future. We have a range of single, double and wall-mounted kiosks and tabletop kiosks that can reduce wait times and cater effectively to customer preferences.

Whether you're an independent or a member of a chain restaurant, we have kiosk solutions that can combat slow service, customer crowding and inefficiency. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your restaurant take a step into the future.

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