• Mobility-based advertising and data platform
  • Providing dynamic content and engagement
  • Attracting more impressions and higher conversions
  • Adding value to cities and businesses

ONFLY Digital Car Top Smart Screens

Digital Taxi top advertising smart screens are the new and innovative way to increase revenues through mobility-based advertising and data platform (DOOH Digital & OOH out & home). Our innovative Digital Car Top advertisement smart screens (ONFLY) enable advertisers to reach their audience via real-time connected, street level, high quality digital screens on top of taxis and ride-share vehicles. They provide a platform for dynamic content and engagement and attract more advertising impressions and get higher conversions. ONFLY adds more value to cities and businesses and generates revenue. Advertisements run 24/7 on a 7 second rotation.

You supply the vehicles and we install, maintain the durable weather resistant units and garner advertising.