Fast Phone Charging stations

In today's fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever. Smartek Systems offers a solution that keeps visitors charged and ready to go. Our mobile phone charging kiosks in Canada are designed for convenience and security, making them perfect for any business, event, or public space.

Fast Phone Charging Kiosk Manufacturer

SMARTEK’s fast phone charging kiosks and lockers have many uses and benefits. They can be placed practically anywhere – in buildings, stores, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, transportation hubs, airports, office buildings, banquet halls, tradeshows, hotels, schools and universities. They are a low-cost investment that offers visitors a free and secure cell phone charging service.

The Convenience of Phone Charging Kiosks in Canada

LED display screens can showcase your products, discounts, or launches or provide advertising space for others. Our phone charging kiosks in Canada have an elegant design and remote controllable smart screen for videos, touch services or advertising revenues.

Our safe lockers and transparent tempered glass protect cell phones to assure customers that their devices are secure while they shop or eat. SMARTEK’s phone charging stations also have a time and calendar function and offer a 5-minute response to keep your customers on schedule as they go about their day. Our phone charging stations are an investment with a high return.

How Our Phone Charging Stations Enhance Customer Experience

Providing a charging station in your establishment meets a fundamental need of modern shoppers or visitors. By offering a secure and quick way to charge their devices, you're showing customers that you value their needs while encouraging longer stays and increased engagement with your brand.

Strategic Placement and Usage

Strategically placing charging stations in high-traffic areas maximizes visibility and use, turning waiting time into an opportunity for businesses to display targeted advertising or essential information. It’s a seamless, organic way to enhance customer experience and drive sales.

Advertising and Revenue Opportunities

Similar to our other indoor kiosks, our phone charging stations come equipped with LED display screens, perfect for running advertisements. This allows you to explore an additional revenue stream and boosts brand visibility, making it a win-win solution for businesses and advertisers alike.

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Don't let your customers hurry out of your business when they need to charge their phones. Enhance their experience, increase your brand's engagement, and open new revenue streams with SMARTEK Systems' mobile phone charging kiosks in Canada. Contact us today to find out how we can energize your customer experience.

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Eric Neeson
I am in love with the wayfinding kiosk in our campus! It saves me so much time! It makes it easy to find wings, halls, buildings, centres and even friends around the campus!

Samantha Jones
Lately, our restaurant has installed a self-service kiosk. Now, during rush hours, some customers are using the booth. It reduces the length of the queue and the stress at work. It's neat, thanks!

Nicholas Kelly
The Digital signage next to the store has increased our sales. Most of the clients said that they haven't noticed us before. I'm glad I invested in this signage. I am sure it will quickly payoff

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating phone charging solutions into your business might raise some questions. Here are quick answers to help you better understand the benefits and functionalities of our charging kiosks in Canada.

What types of phones are compatible with your charging stations?

Our charging stations are equipped with multiple charging cables and wireless charging options to accommodate virtually all modern smartphones.

How long does it take to charge a phone at one of your kiosks?

Most phones can reach a significant charge within 30-60 minutes at our stations, with a quick 5-minute charge providing enough power to hold most visitors over until they get home.

How much space do your phone charging stations take up?

Our charging stations vary in size, but most require only a small footprint, making them ideal for any space, large or small.