Fast Phone Charging stations

Fast Phone Charging stations & Phone charging lockers have many uses and benefits. They can be used practically anywhere – in buildings, stores, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, transportation hubs, airports, office buildings, banquet halls, tradeshows, hotels, school, and universities. They are a low-cost investment that offers customers a free and secure cell charging service. They offer businesses the opportunity to offer a value-added benefit that creates a positive social experience for customers. People tend to linger more while charging their phones thus offering an opportunity for sales staff to engage customers.

LED display screens can either showcase your products, discounts, or launches or provide advertising space for others. Our Fast Phone Charging Stations have an elegant design and have remote controllable smart screen for videos, touch services or advertising revenues. There are safe lockers for protecting cell phones giving customers security while they shop or eat. Transparent tempered glass protects screens, has a time and calendar function and a 5-minute response. Our Charging Station Kiosks are an investment with a high return.