Welcome to Smartek Systems

Canada's leading interactive technology and media solution provider

Are you looking for the best strategies and the latest technology to get your product or information out in the most exciting way?
Smartek is an IT service provider where satisfaction and quality are the top priority. We provide exceptional technological solutions in response to the needs of our customers and we offer quality products from global competitive manufacturers.
We specialize in the design and manufacturing of interactive digital displays and custom software solutions. Our interactive digital display products are manufactured in partnership with Samsung. Our display kiosks and interactive software technologies bring value to industries such as retail, tourism, hospitality, advertising, charity fundraising, and trade shows.
SMARTEK’s manufacturing is based on reputation, reliability and quality. With our experience and vast knowledge of networking and marketing methods, we have the ability to help you achieve your goals. We will work with your company on a daily basis to bring value to your business and give your customers a better insight of your product or service. We want to take your business to the next level and provide the absolute best service in your industry


SMARTEK is a business with established professionals who excel in the IT industry. Our company consists of employees who have a strong understanding of what clients need in order to give their customers a positive experience. We operate in close partnership with competitive suppliers and we pride ourselves in providing high quality products with competitive rates which gives the best overall value for the most innovative technology. All lines are value driven and price oriented to maximize the earning potential in the changing domestic and international market place. SMARTEK is striving to help businesses move forward in the digital age by marketing their products with an interactive solution for a positive customer experience. You can put your complete trust in our company as we have the most qualified and competent employees with extensive knowledge of today’s technology, customer support, marketing, procurement, and logistics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and develop new ideas to help various types of industries in achieving their goals with their visual advertising solutions using our marketing tools. We aim to be one of the most successful IT and digital provider in the world and we are striving to launch our products in every continent. Our dedication and passion for our products will help us become one of the leaders in providing the best service for digital solutions to our customers in every corner of the world.

Our Vision

SMARTEK has its own factory located in Hong Kong and we are able to supply anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 products on a monthly basis. It has the capacity of massive supplies storage and management. The building is compliant with safety and hygiene regulations. Considerable stock of network supplies, security equipment and consumable items are available for immediate delivery. The distribution center provides for all throughout Canada and the Middle East. Ever since the company was established, remarkable progress has been made in identifying and dealing with competitive international manufacturers in provision of quality products and sales, which are consistent with the market trends.