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Why SMARTEK digital kiosk?

Digital kiosk is the best tool to upgrade your business. It has a neat design, comes in various sizes and is easy to use. It benefits all of its users: business owners, customers and employees. If you are looking for an easy solution to boost your sales with less effort, order SMARTEK iQiosk to work for your brand.

Reduce Business Costs

Upgrade marketing strategy

Provide 24/7 service

Get feedbacks

Improve service quality

Boost your sales

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SMARTEK is a one-stop-shop. We are a full-service company emphasizing attractive and interactive digital displays and custom software solutions.We are resolution oriented. Through personalized attention and out-of-the-box problem-solving techniques, we provide our customers with complete and expeditious business solutions.



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Grow your business with cost-effective business solutions.

Indoor Kiosks Touchscreen Applications Canada

SMARTEK Kiosks are the best tool to upgrade your business, if you are looking for an easy to learn and easy to use solution to boost your business sales and provide the latest technology experience to your customers CONTACT US TODAY

Reduce Business Costs

Improve Business Efficiency

Boost Your Company’s Sales

Kiosks Offer Fast Investment Return

Allows Real-Time Communication Updates

Instant Customers Satisfaction

All in one Solutions

SMARTEK is a one stop shop for all your digital Kiosk hardware and Kiosk software for your business needs. We are a digital Kiosk provider with a range of solutions that meets companies needs



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Eric Neeson
I am in love with the wayfinding kiosk in our campus! It saves me so much time! It makes it easy to find wings, halls, buildings, centres and even friends around the campus!

Samantha Jones
Lately, our restaurant has installed a self-service kiosk. Now, during rush hours, some customers are using the booth. It reduces the length of the queue and the stress at work. It's neat, thanks!

Nicholas Kelly
The Digital signage next to the store has increased our sales. Most of the clients said that they haven't noticed us before. I'm glad I invested in this signage. I am sure it will quickly payoff

Technical support

SMARTEK provides full technical support 24/7. Contact our support team. Call: +1 905 277 4910