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Being up to date with technology is crucial. Make an impression on your audience by giving them a modern and an interactive experience that will change the way you deliver your business.

Wall Mount

If you really want to capture the interests of your customers, the video wall has a wide range of uses that you can benefit from. It will allow you to deliver your information the way you imagined it to be.

Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards can transform consumer behaviours at the point of sale and enhance your brand. Increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities with the use of advanced technology that will optimize your marketing strategies.


Showcase your products with elegance using the mirror kiosk. A virtual mirror kiosk will allow you to engage and interact with your customers using motion sensors while promoting your products or services.

Product Feature


Microbrain is the most advanced and innovative software that enables you to have control over any iQiosk at any given time. Microbrain allows you to select campaigns, control iQiosks, create and define user roles, test applications, and have remote access to a kiosk from web or any smart mobile device.


Transportation System


Golf Industry


Social Apps: Facebook, Instagram, Selfies, etc

Where to use

Digital Advertising

Attract your audience with high resolution visuals or interactive signs. Generate money from advertisers by displaying promotions, information, or news. Get involved in the digital age by incorporating digital advertisements that will change the way your customers perceive your brand.
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The interactive whiteboard enhanced the learning experience for students as technology developed. Now the bulletin board and the campus information kiosk are being replaced by a more contemporary technology. Use Smartek’s digital signage to modernize academic institutions.
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Upsell and promote new items with a strategic integration of dynamic displays. Reduce wait times by allowing customers to place an order themselves on the interactive iQiosk. Digital menu boards are proven to increase sales through the power of visual suggestive selling.
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Trade Show

An interactive Smartek iQiosk will ultimately gather a crowd at your trade show booth. Customers will intuitively reach out and use your iQiosk to learn more about your business. Display your products in ways that will encourage and convince your customers to choose you.
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The iQiosk is designed for contemporary hotels that value the premium guest experience. It will serve as a 24-7 concierge service to your guests as they will have access to all the information they need at the touch of a finger. Prevent long lines at the front desk and simultaneously promote the amenities and services offered by the hotel.
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Retail Stores

Forward-looking retailers use digital marketing, billboard advertisements, mobile solutions, TV and web exposures to make their presence known. Now, they are incorporating digital in-store experiences by using iQiosks and video walls, thus, further driving the evolution of digital signage.
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Benefits outweigh the costs with the digital menu board

Benefits outweigh the costs with the digital menu board

The digital menu board is the new, innovative, and attractive way to present products to the users. The content administration software has the versatility to adapt to the client’s requirements.


The digital menu board will satisfy the consumer’s needs with the high screen resolution. Innovate daily and offer promotions on a larger scale.

The digital menu board offers several benefits for restaurants, hotels, and cinemas.

The benefits for restaurants are:

  • Easy table rotation.
  • Fast and easy way of placing orders.
  • Save time in every order.
  • Best services.
  • Dynamic cost.

The benefits for hotels are:

  • Faster way to select rooms.
  • Save time.
  • Dynamic offers and special promotions.
  • Best use of the room service.

Imagine going to the movies without the complication of spending hours to buy tickets. The digital menu board eases the process because the grand resolution will allow you to view any details about the movies you are interested in.

Not only is this useful for clients, but the owners will also benefit from it in terms of costs.

With the digital menu board, you will be able to showcase new promotions about your products and services. 



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Benefits outweigh the costs with the digital menu board
The digital menu board is the new, innovative, and attractive way to present products to the users. The content administration…
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