The UX design is basically the experience for the user to interact with a product, service or even device. Not only does this influence the technical aspect of design, such as formatting, graphic and visual design, hardware, and software, it also generates what is being offered.

UX Design has become an essential component in web design, and more importantly, it pleases the consumer, because what really matters are the product itself, rather than the processes used to achieve the same.

The main function of UX Design is to create a product or service that is functional in all aspects and that will meet the needs of your customers. This is done through a comprehensive study which covers its objectives, expectations, motivations and capabilities of use.

This is a process of generating solutions that meet the objectives for which they were designed.

To achieve good user experience, you must:

  • Investigate the market. It will provide Insight into everything the user needs.
  • Design a product that fits everything you are looking for.
  • Specify the key attributes with images, go interactive.
  • Design understandable information that can be specifically captured as written.
  • Perform a test pilot of that creation. Interact with others and discover how the experience was.

Since this is a work of constant research, design agencies and digital marketing professionals have UX. This ensures that all necessary processes are met in order to deliver the best experience for both users and businesses. There is a difference between UX Designer and Web Designer. UX Designer covers more cognitive aspects, while the Web Designer focuses on the visual and psychological effects.

UX Design requires great skills, comprehension and understanding. The better user experience covers aspects of design, usability, accessibility, marketing and human factors that lead to understand all the issues that have a website.

The best way to know if the user experience was satisfactory is through social networks, so it is important to use marketing as a key to understanding and segmenting consumers point.