Direct marketing is a method used by companies to reach their audience or target directly.  The purpose of this type of marketing is to not get more customers, but rather, get all the information to existing customers, thus, maintaining a relationship and showing commitment through personalized emails or phone calls.

These types of direct communications are used to promote products, give invitations to upcoming events, and maintain lasting relationships. Changes in the needs of customers will be shown and with this information, surveys and tests relating to the product or service can be conducted.

Direct marketing is also known as permission marketing. It is a form of effective communication when reaching the intended and inexpensive target. This type of marketing is advertising and is beneficial for companies in terms of costs. It must show a clear image that impacts your customer.

Advantages of Direct Marketing:

  • Faster communication.
  • Saves advertising.
  • Effectiveness of response.
  • Long-term partnerships.
  • Security between the consumer and the company.
  • Confident customers.
  • Avoid distortion of the message with the phone calls.
  • Personalized service.
  • Establish relationships with customers from different countries – expand your brand.

Companies must ensure that the clients have a good consumer experience to create this type of marketing connection between the brand and consumer. Direct marketing is most beneficial for companies as it allows marketers to personally reach out to consumers. The major consumer complaint is the lack of attention they receive before they are given the product or service. With direct marketing, companies are able to reach out to customers and maintain relationships.