Our double-sided slim kiosk offers a digital way to display your business's advertisements and can be used in a number of creative ways. Digital advertising has become much more popular than traditional paper billboard advertising in recent years, and our dual-side kiosk provides you with an elegant and effective method of keeping up with the times and getting your digital adverts out there.

Our digital kiosk is best used in areas with high foot traffic, like airports, shopping malls, and other large public spaces. As interactive models, our double-side kiosk will keep the public enthralled and will encourage them to spend more time engaging with your brand.

A dual-side digital kiosk is an excellent way of getting your promotional material out to the public, even before people have a chance to read about it on your website. It offers a fun and engaging way for prospective clients to interact with your business and is sure to leave them wanting to know more.

A double-side slim kiosk is a perfect way to make sure that potential customers never miss your promotional material.


  •  1080x1920 HD
  •  Non-Touch
  •  Support wifi
  •  Floor Standing
  •  White, Black color
  •  Metal Cases
  •   Android OS or Customized
  • Single Side Slim Kiosk


Dual Side Kiosk Applications

Dual-sided kiosks are exceptionally versatile. They have many applications, including

  • Digital advertising - This is probably the most popular application for a digital kiosk. Digital advertising is on the rise and is an excellent way of engaging with an audience. You could place your double-sided kiosk in high footfall areas to ensure the maximum number of prospective customers sees your promotional material.
  • Interactive welcome boards - Want an interactive way of greeting your clients? Why not add a double-side slim kiosk to your lobby or entryway? The kiosk can be used to help guests check in.
  • Informational boards - Due to the interactive nature of our dual-side kiosk, they are a really effective way of helping your customers or clients learn more about your brand. They can be used in your branches to help people find out more, or could even be used in museums or galleries for visitors who want to dig deeper into the collections.

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