questions that we are asked frequently regarding Kiosk

Why using kiosks has become so popular?

  1. Having kiosks within your business has been known to substantially increases job satisfaction simply because kiosks are able to handle customer inquiries and allows employees actually to focus on the tasks, they were hired to do
  2. Up to date with technology
  3. kiosks can improve the overall operations of a restaurant, retail stores, etc
  4. Best way to use way finding and navigation in the shopping malls, buildings, schools and universities etc.
  5. Easy to use and push content remotely
  6. No more printing
  7. People are used to self-service
  8. If throughput during busy times is a problem, self-service kiosks can be the answer
  9. If throughput during busy times is a problem, self-service kiosks can be the answer. They can help you serve customers efficiently at the busiest times of day. More important, kiosks are just faster at any time of day, reducing total order time by as much as 40 percent in the quick-service context
  10. Whether we buy a subway ticket at a train station or check-in at a hotel, consumers around the globe are increasingly getting familiar with the technology.

Does SMARTEK do the software as well?

SMARTEK specialize in both hardware and software, you can either built your own software or we can help with the software applications such as Way finding, Information kiosks, Self-payment, Surveys, Quizzes, Spin to win, etc.

How easy is it to upload content on the digital kiosks?

We make it very easy for end user to update and upload content as we do understand not everyone is tech savvy.

Does SMARTEK do installation as well?

SMARTEK is one stop shop, we customize the Hardware, Software, Content, Graphics, Management, Ongoing technical support 24/7, Monitoring, Installations, etc.

Where your screens are built?

We have our own manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, and we distribute from Hong Kong to all over globe.

Does your software provide scheduling and analytics?

Yes, the scheduling could be done, and you could capture analytics through our software

How much is the software?

Software depending on scope of work, we do have different templates you can chose, or we can do a customize template according to your needs and requirements.

Can I hook a camera with your products?

Yes, we can either do a built in camera for you or you can purchase a portable camera and hook it up

Can I lock the unit to my website?

Yes, we can lock the kiosk to one specific website

Can I use the kiosk for photo booth?

Yes, the product could be used as a photo booth or anything else.

Can you redesign the kiosk for way finding?

Yes, we can convert your floor plan to 3D to make it look more friendly and to fit the screen

How does your warranty work?

The product comes with one year warranty, extended warranty is available on request.

Can I use the kiosks for outdoor?

Yes, we also have outdoor models touch screen or non-touch, weather/waterproof

Do you have a show room we can visit?

Yes, we have a show room in Mississauga, Dubai and USA.

How fast can you deliver?

It depends on the quantity, model etc., if we have the products available in our warehouse it could be delivered instant, if we don’t have it in inventory, we will have to manufacture it as it will take 3-5 weeks to deliver.

Can you deliver to USA?

Yes, we can delivery anywhere.

Does your kiosks come with a manual? Is there training?

Yes, the product comes with manual and training will be provided for how to use the product.

Does your company also provide LED rentals?

Yes, we also have LED back drop which could goas big as 5 meters and we also provide the content and installation.

I am in need of a video wall, do you provide video walls?

Yes, we can provide any type of digital products if its kiosks, customized kiosks, video wall, LED, indoor or out door etc.