Our sleek, single-sided slim digital signage kiosk is designed to be a digital hub for your business. They have multiple uses and provide a new form of advertising that has become increasingly popular. You can usually find these digital signage kiosks in high-traffic areas such as airports, malls, and other public spaces. Their touchscreen interface can keep your clients engaged and wanting to know more. Our kiosks will often display various content specific to your business needs and even publish ads before you can view the promotional content from your website. These digital signage kiosks are slim compact digital billboards that have replaced old paper billboard advertisements with an interactive flair. This is a way for advertisers to target these high-traffic areas without paying as much money as they would if they had used traditional billboards or TV commercials.


  •  1080px HD
  •  Multi Touch
  •  Support wifi
  •  Floor Standing
  •  Information Service
  •  Available in a Variety of Sizes
  •   Windows or Android OS
  • Single Side Slim Kiosk


How to Choose the Best Single-Sided Slim Digital Signage Kiosk for Your Needs

There aremany factors to consider before purchasing a single-sided slim digital signage kiosk.

  1. The size and weight of the kiosk. Many single-sided slim digital kiosks in this design are quite light, making them easy to move around. We offer digital signage systems in a wide range of sizes and weights to find the perfect one for your needs.
  2. The type of content that will be displayed on it. Whether it’s meant to be interactive or to display an attractive advertisement. Our kiosks can display designs and content suited to your needs.
  3. The location where the kiosk will be placed. That said, you must remember where your most foot traffic will occur and how it will impact your client's interaction with the kiosk. The single-sided slim digital signage kiosk is an excellent option for those who want to set up a display in an area with limited space.

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