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Telus Featured solutions

Jasper Control Centre

TELUS Control Centre by Cisco Jasper is the automated connectivity management platform that enables you to take control of your IoT devices.

Managed Wireless Failover

A Managed Wireless Failover solves the problem of a lost internet connection by automatically switching to a LTE connection when a primary connection fails.

TELUS IoT Agriculture

Reduce food spoilage while improving operational effectiveness with a TELUS IoTAgriculture solution

Connected Transportation

From a few vehicles to a full scale fleet, the TELUS empowers stakeholders to efficiently & safely manage their vehicles

Smart Cameras (Sensors)

TELUS offers end-to-end security solutions, systems and services for city operations, corporate management and small businesses.

Mobile Forms

Businesses can digitize their paper based forms, create and standardize workflow automations and report on data collection and submission.

TELUS SafetyAware

SafetyAware is for employers and Health & Safety Managers who need to ensure their employees are safe, especially those in remote or hazardous environments.

TELUS - Food Safety

Help to ensure the highest level of food safety and quality in preparation, storage and selling environments.

Smart Pharmaceuticals

Help to ensure the highest level of pharmaceuticals safety and quality in preparation, storage and selling environments.

Smart Buildings

A smarter building will mitigate against operational risks and improves the performance of in-building equipment and machines.