Digital outdoor advertising

Why choose outdoor digital signage kiosk for Advertisements?

Despite the active development of online marketing, the demand for outdoor advertising is still high. The field of outdoor advertisement is still continuing to progress. Just like other marketing segments, outdoor advertising has started to use digital technology more often. Static billboards are disappearing and getting replaced by more dynamic, user-friendly and attractive outdoor digital advertisements. The changes are undeniable in the downtowns of big cities, where car and pedestrian traffic is incredibly high.

Outdoor digital kiosks are very high in demand because their benefits are obvious. There are many benefits of using digital outdoor kiosks for advertising. This article will look at the main reasons you need to choose digital outdoor kiosks to run your advertisement.

The fact is outdoor digital kiosks are user-friendly. Outdoor digital signage lets companies change layouts remotely without the need of printing new banners. In addition, digital kiosks are on every corner and popular among users. It makes the ad conversion high.

After investing in an advertising campaign, the business owner always wants to know if it is really working. To do the analytics of outdoor advertising is more challenging with regular billboards. Standard surveys of people do not give results as fast as Wi-Fi analytics. This feature can be put into digital outdoor kiosks. This technology involves installing unique trackers on the streets, which automatically determine the number of people who pass or drive past outdoor digital advertising. This process is carried out by reading the mac-address of each smartphone, which was carried alongside. Using this technology, you can also find out the gender, age, residence, and interests of people seeing the digital signage. This means that based on the collected data, you can make your ads more targeted.

Different outdoor digital kiosk software developed especially for particular campaigns makes the survey process effortless and complete. Moreover, some software for digital outdoor kiosks let a campaign use Omni-Channel Advertising which means running ads on different platforms at the same time. Omni-channel ads make the message more memorable. Frequent running into a company's advertising increases brand awareness. At the same time, Omni-channel helps to increase audience reach. This approach allows businesses to draw attention to the advertising of people with different media consumption. For instance, advertising can run on outdoor digital kiosks, phone charging kiosks, or information kiosks simultaneously and reach more customers. These are the most common types of digital kiosks, which are almost on every corner.

Some software let outdoor digital kiosk read QR codes and provide customers personalized discounts. Using personalized QR codes, customers can see the history of purchases and see if there are any additional discounts. This increases customer loyalty and sales, which is basically the main goal of any advertisement.

Digital outdoor advertising can be more memorable and helpful if it runs on phone charging kiosks. Phone charging kiosks let broadcast attractive promotions while customers are waiting for phones to get charged. Phone charging kiosk has just begun to be used for advertising purposes, constantly attracting the audience's attention. Moreover, watching the ads while waiting helps an audience learn more about your product instead of monotonously waiting.

Digital information kiosks are also an excellent option to run your ads. Digital information kiosks help to attract an audience that is more likely to make a purchase. People go to information kiosks purposely to get specific information, unlike other types of digital outdoor kiosks where you have to catch the eye of customers. It is essential to make information kiosks software user-friendly and relatively straightforward. Information kiosks software has to help not confuse. This way, for instance, if the user wants to get information about the main local sights, an information kiosk can run an advertisement about your tour agency and the latest promotions. Dollars to doughnuts, this user will get your tours.

Digital signage can be pricey. However, outdoor advertising lasts at least 10 years. It will definitely pay off every invested penny. If you are still thinking about which type of advertising to choose, call us. We will offer the most cost-effective and worthwhile solutions to increase your sales. Visit us at to find out more about our products.